About Abyss Records

Abyss Records
8063 S. Madison Ave. #360
Indianapolis, IN 46227 (USA)
E-mail: abyssrecords@hotmail.com

Abyss Records was originally started out of the love for the Undeground Metal music & scene. I wanted to do more than just be a fan, but someone who actual help support the artist, labels and help spread the music across the globe to metalheads alike.  
Since the mail-order started back in 1993, Abyss Records has been bringing the BEST of of Underground Metal scene to the finger tips of those who discover our mail-order & selection worldwide. Thank you for all those who have supported, continue to support and or those just discovering Abyss Records. Hails for the support !!!   

Dan Ferguson
Owner / Operator of Abyss Records

Abyss Records Discography: 
* Released 6 issues of A View Into The Abyss Fanzine 1992-1994.
* Abyss Records has been selling Underground Metal since 1993.
* Recorded backing vocals for Darkness Enshroud on "Winter Of Sorrow" Demo 1993.
* Released Crimson Moon "Embrace The Vampyric Blood" CD 1997.
* Abyss Records Label Official Started in Fall of 2008.